Ethical shoes for the modern women

Leather is becoming something from the past. Nowadays there are so many other synthetic options with equal quality. Other industries like some luxury cars are now using high quality PU for the seats of their electric models, instead of leather.

Branding of plant-based products

We choose to focus exclusively on plant-based products because of our deeply held values that making them successful can have the single greatest impact on animals, human health and the environment.

Vegan leather bagpacks from Airosa

Leather products mean animal suffering. Alternatives to leather offer a cruelty free and still stylish approach. More and more consumers are looking for it and this is a great opportunity for a shift in this industry.

Clean cosmetics from Anumati

Animal testing by the cosmetics industry is not only ethically condemnable but also unnecessary and questionable. Testing on animals can be replaced by non-animal experimental methods which are often more reliable and cheaper than animal experiments.