Lion sedated

Animals saved from Rafah zoo in Gaza

The animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS rescued 47 animals from the neglected zoo Rafah in Gaza. They transferred five lions, a hyena,...

Transporting animals in hot weather is extremely cruel

They speak of horrible scenes of animals desperately looking for cooling in overheated livestock trucks, waiting in the burning sun in front of slaughterhouses.

Circus Life without Animal Life

Circus life has always been a fantastic experience of mine since I was a child. I remember those moments so vividly, with...

Dog Oshi dies at Iditarod race

After Oshi finished the challenging race on Thursday, veterinarians examined her and noticed signs of pneumonia. She was then flown by emergency flight to the nearest animal hospital where she died on Saturday.

Why Are You Vegan?

My family and I no longer want to consume nor condone such a violent ideology called carnism. The way my husband and I see it is this transition will be flawless for our children. They are now awake and aware, which means more than anything to us.

Shocking footage released of dairy industry in England

Farmers are punching and kicking calves. And they use pipes and crutches to hit their mother so the mother can't reach their baby.

VIDEO: Photojournalist and animal rights activist Jo-Anne McArthur

I was amazed by her. By her love for animals and by her determination to help them. Most people say they find animal cruelty sad, but very few actually try to actively change that. And she does.

VIDEO: Vegan activist David Ramsden explains negative peace

"Negative peace, when there’s peace in an area but there is injustice in that area too", explains vegan activist David Ramsden while talking about why they walked into a Burger King and show what happens to animals.