Vegan restaurants in Rotterdam

New vegan restaurants in Rotterdam

In 2019 I only want to support vegan restaurants so I'm happy to see the number of vegan places in my city going up. In the past year five new vegan restaurants opened in Rotterdam with completely different dishes. So if you're visiting or live here, they're all worth a visit.

Cruelty free beauty brands

I used to love big brands like Chanel, Dior and Shiseido. But I don't anymore. I find it hard to accept that...

Three reasons to go vegan

I was a big meat lover but after seeing videos of how animals were being treated, it made less and less sense to still eat meat. So 10 years ago I became vegetarian. And since a few months vegan.

Eating vegan in Aruba

Aruba is changing when it comes to veganism. More and more restaurants offer vegan options and the island has local products that are not tested on animals.

Vegan leather bagpacks from Airosa

Leather products mean animal suffering. Alternatives to leather offer a cruelty free and still stylish approach. More and more consumers are looking for it and this is a great opportunity for a shift in this industry.